Helping us understand and embrace our Code, policies and guidelines

A note from our compliance officer

Equinix is absolutely committed to honest and ethical business practices, and this commitment drives and informs all of the guidelines and policies in the Equinix Code of Business Conduct.

As Equinix employees, we are responsible for acting ethically and honestly in all of our business dealings, which includes understanding the guidelines and policies in our Code, following them, and reporting
issues and violations when we see them. Working together, we make Equinix a model of honesty and integrity–and build anethical workplace we can all be proud of.

Equinix has a variety of tools and resources to help you seek guidance and report concerns. Please use the one you are most comfortable with.

You may also contact me directly at

Mary Anne Wellman
VP, Legal and Chief Compliance Officer

Report concerns or violations

Use any of the following options to report your compliance issues and concerns:

Compliance Reporting Hotline:

Conflict of interest wavers


For human resources inquiries, please contact:

For legal inquiries, please contact:
  • The Equinix compliance officer
  • Your local vice president of legal in Americas, AsiaPacific or EMEA
  • Chief legal officer and general counsel
For information security inquiries, please contact:
  • The global information security team –
  • The information security officer

For charitable contribution inquiries, please contact:

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